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Voice Mail Massages in your Email

Provide your company with a professional voice mail service. Record a customized personal greeting as well as individual personal greetings for each employee. Each employee can enjoy the ability to receive the call in a custom time window as well as receive messages in their email anywhere they are.


Each email set up for this service may have different features. These features tell our systems what to do with the email. For example you can convert the subjec, the body, both, or neither. You have full control.

Extended features like transfer, data cature, and recording are all availibe for you at no additional cost.

Our team has built a great product for your alert needs. If you have any questions please let us know. We offer customization if you need a specific solution. Additional costs might apply for the setup. Advantage

All of our systems are in house servers. We don't use any third party servers or services. We handle our own email, web, and faxing/telephony servers. Because of this we provide you with secure solutions. Our support team is all developers of the system. We believe in proving great email support so you talk right to the guys who wrote the stuff! We have been in the internet fax and telephony business since 1996. We are a proven reliable solution for your faxing needs.

  • Features
    • 24/7 Voice Mail system
    • Customize your voice mail greetings
    • Transfer and recording capability
    • Over 9000 extensions included
    • Dial by name directory
    • Pin number security for employees
    • No contract
    • No software or hardware to buy
  • How it Works

    After you sign up you will choose a toll-free phone number. The number is dedicated for your use as a subscriber, which means you can put it on your business cards, advertisements and stationary.

    You can also use our service as your primary - after hours - voice mail. Simply subscribe to your local phone company's 'call forwarding' option. Then before you leave the office, you can simply dial *72 to forward your primary business number to your voice mail.

    Simple - powerful - professional!

  • Pricing

    $1 a month - Service Charge
    10 cents per minute - Usage

    No Setup or Sign up fee is a pay for what you use service.

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