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Cloud Internet Fax and Telephony Services for Business

Multi User

Each service we offer has no limit on the number of users. If you have 500 people in your company wanting to fax no problem. We bill by the usage, not by the user. Save money by using


Our services have many built in features included. If you find you need a solution that is not provided please let us know. We wrote the system so we can provide a solution. Fees may apply. Contact our support team.


We host our own servers and services in our location. We believe in protecting your privacy in any way we can. Emails are sent between our servers in a secured connection automatically. (Your system must have TLS enabled)


With each service we provide unlimited email support with our developers. Our services are designed to work with any platform you use and our support team provides excellent troubleshooting procedures to get you up and running.

About us

The product has been in existence since 1996. Hi-tech Solutions, Inc., in business since 1991, owns and operates and several other telephony products. Simple, flexible, and reliable is our claim to fame. We turn problems into solutions faster than anyone.

We specialize in Unix software development and automation systems. Any size and type of business can benefit by saving time and money with voice and fax products. Our expertise is in putting our automation to work for you! Our services are simple and easy to use!

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