Professional Fax and Telephony Services

Fax on Demand

Provide Documents Around the Clock

Get a dedicated virtual toll-free phone number where callers will be able to request your loaded fax documents and forms. Store thousands of documents on our servers to be requested at any time. Stored documents can be sent to fax machines from our website as well.

This is a perfect solution for companies who want to provide forms and documentation to their customers around the clock. Health care forms, technical documentation, and other type of forms all welcome.


Send your stored fax documents from our website. Save your company money and time with Fax on Demand

We have the capacity to store thousands of your documents on our servers at the low cost of $1 a month.

Record a personal greeting to make your Fax on Demand system sound professional. Advantage

All of our systems are in house servers. We don't use any third party servers or services. We handle our own email, web, and faxing servers. Because of this we provide you with a secure faxing solution.

Our support team is all developers of the system. We believe in proving great email support so you talk right to the guys who wrote the stuff!

We have been in the internet fax business since 1996. We are a proven reliable solution for your faxing needs.

  • Features
    • Load documents from the web
    • Send stored documents from the web
    • Store thousands of documents
    • Record a personal greeting
  • How it Works

    You will select a toll free number on our servers.

    Two examples on how this services works

    Example 1 - Web Send

    Log into your account at and select stored documents to send to a fax number.

    Example 2 - Call In

    Someone will dial your Fax on Demand number and hear the following:

    "Welcome to the ABC Inc. Fax On Demand System"
    (your custom greeting)

    "To request a document by number, Press 1"
    "To request a listing of available documents, Press 2"
    "To listen to information about using this system, Press 3"

    "Enter the document number, press the # key when complete..."

    "If calling from a fax machine, press 1"
    "To enter another fax destination, press 2"

  • Pricing
    Toll Free Number

    $2 a month - Service Charge
    $1 a month - storage fee (handle thousands of docs)
    10 cents per minute - Usage

    No Setup or Sign up fee

    Outbound fax delivery incur additional 10 cents per minute fee for outbound call, or applicable international rate. is a pay for what you use service. Our billing is done by the minute instead of by the page. This allows our customers to get the best bang for their buck. Our customers can see anywhere from 1-6 pages in a minute.

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