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Setup your whole company with our services. Whether it is faxing, email to call, or voice mail, we can handle all of your employees needs. Our pricing will keep you overhead low. Here at we have no limits, contracts, or hidden fees. Our special pricing will provide you with professional services without hurting your bottom line.


We specialize in automated systems and reporting. If you require certain automated reports like monthly reports let us know. Contact us with your requirements and qualification. We look forward to working with you. Advantage

All of our systems are in house servers. We don't use any third party servers or services. We handle our own email, web, and telephony servers. Because of this we provide you with a secure solution.

Our support team is all developers of the system. We believe in proving great email support so you talk right to the guys who wrote the stuff!

We have been in the internet fax and telephony business since 1996. We are a proven reliable solution for your telephony needs.

  • Pricing

    Please contact about pricing. All services we offer are eligible for high volume discount rate.

    No Setup or Sign up fee is a pay for what you use service.

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