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Trust your services to a leader!

The product has been in existence since 1996. Hi-tech Solutions, Inc., in business since 1991, owns and operates and several other telephony products. We specialize in Unix software development and automation systems.

Our services are developed for business

Any size and type of business can benefit by saving time and money with voice and fax products. Our expertise is in putting our automation to work for you! Our services are simple and easy to use!

Pay ONLY For What You Use!

Other companies force you to sign up for a 'monthly plan' similar to a cell phone plan of minutes. Don't be charged another overage fee!

At you only pay for what you DO use! No setup fee's either! We offer your company advanced technology systems at attractive rates.

Private and Professional

We won't insult you with unsolicited sponsor advertisements.
We don't sell your information!
We won't waste paper with our logos or messages.
NO ONE WILL KNOW you're using our services except YOU!

Customized Fax Automation Systems

Trying to automate fax delivery or migrating from an older fax system? Consider your solution!

We can customize solutions to automatically process your fax documents including specialized text to forms, database to fax and web order processing.

Customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Call us with your specialized requirements! Help lines, on-line registrations, outbound surveys, the sky's the limit!

You can even use a voice system to take orders from your callers and deliver the recordings to your staff in email - ANYWHERE!

Our systems allow unlimited capability and flexibility.

Telemarketing Recording

We now offer telemarketers and marketing firms digital recording! Automatically record your inbound and outbound campaigns and receive the results via email.

Our systems even translate DTMF for evaluating auto attendant and IVR systems!

Call us at (703) 449-9300 for more information!

Customization available.

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