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Fax to Email

Receive Faxes in your Email

Enjoy your own dedicated fax line without the headaches and cost of a fax machine. Faxes are sent to your email as an attachment (PDF is default). This service is simple to set up. After you sign up you will be able to choose your number and receive faxes in your email immediately.


Save your company money by reducing your phone bill, paper use, and toner use. Get the fax the first time and never worry about being out of paper and missing a fax.

Have our system send the received fax to your whole department. There is no limit on the number of people receiving the fax in their email.

Security is built in to our system automatically using TLS from our email servers. You can add security to your faxes by setting our service up to send you a password protected zip file.

View your faxes online as well as resend faxes to your email. Never miss a fax because your email wasn't working. No charge for resent faxes! Our customers love this feature! Advantage

All of our systems are in house servers. We don't use any third party servers or services. We handle our own email, web, and faxing servers. Because of this we provide you with a secure faxing solution.

Our support team is all developers of the system. We believe in proving great email support so you talk right to the guys who wrote the stuff!

We have been in the internet fax business since 1996. We are a proven reliable solution for your faxing needs.

  • Features
    • No limit on emails
    • Receive and view faxes anywhere 24/7
    • Secured emails via TLS (HTTPS for email)
    • No contract
    • No software or hardware to buy
    • Save on paper, toner, and phone line costs
    • Secure attachment with password protected zip file
  • How it Works

    You will choose a fax number for your account and add your emails to the list. These emails will receive the faxes when one is sent. Faxes will be attached to the email as a pdf (default). You may also view received faxes online.

    We provide toll free numbers which include 888, 877, 866, and 855 area codes and toll fax numbers for area code 571 and 703.

  • Pricing
    Toll Free Number

    $2 a month - Service Charge
    10 cents per minute - Usage

    Toll Number - 571/703 area code

    $2.65 a month - Service Charge
    6 cents per minute - Usage

    No Setup or Sign up fee is a pay for what you use service. Our billing is done by the minute instead of by the page. This allows our customers to get the best bang for their buck. Our customers can see anywhere from 1-6 pages in a minute.

  • Supported Attachments

    The following is a list of supported attachments you can receive in your email. We strongly recommend using the default PDF

    • Adobe Reader .pdf
    • Post Script .ps
    • Tiff file .tif
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