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Send Faxes from your Email

Faxing is now just as easy as sending an email. Attach documents from your computer and send them out to your customers.'s Email to Fax works seamlessly with your existing email. You will know when your fax is sent with an automatic email notification.


Enjoy a service which allows all of your employee's emails to be added to fax without any additional charges. Each email may be customized with a different Caller ID as well as fax features.

When our systems receive a busy or no answer, we will automatically retry your fax. This will save your company time and money.

Secure communication between email servers is automatic. Just like websites have HTTPS, emails have a secure communication called TLS. Our email servers automatically negotiate with yours to send and receive secure emails. Advantage

All of our systems are in house servers. We don't use any third party servers or services. We handle our own email, web, and faxing servers. Because of this we provide you with a secure faxing solution.

Our support team is all developers of the system. We believe in proving great email support so you talk right to the guys who wrote the stuff!

We have been in the internet fax business since 1996. We are a proven reliable solution for your faxing needs.

  • Features
    • No limit on users
    • Automatically retry faxes
    • Secured emails via TLS (HTTPS for email)
    • No contract
    • No software or hardware to buy
    • Fax status email after fax complete
  • How it Works

    After you sign up you will add emails to your Allow to Fax list. The emails in this list will be allowed to send faxes.

    You address your email with a phone number.

    Replace faxnumber with an actual fax number to call

    The body of the email will become your cover page and your attachments will be converted and sent out. You also have the option to only send out attachments as faxes.

    *NOTE: Only works after you sign up.

  • Pricing

    $1 a month plus - Service Charge
    10 cents per minute - Usage

    No Setup or Sign up fee is a pay for what you use service. Our billing is done by the minute instead of by the page. This allows our customers to get the best bang for their buck. Our customers can see anywhere from 1-6 pages in a minute.

  • Supported Attachments

    The following is a list of common supported attachments you can send through our system as a fax:

    • ASCII text (.txt)
    • HTML (.html .htm)
    • Images (.gif .jpg .bmp)
    • MSOffice
    • MS Word (.doc .docx)
    • MS Excel (.xls .xlw .xlsx)
    • MS Power Point (.ppt .pptx)
    • Open Office (.odt)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • Adobe Acrobat/Reader (.pdf)
    • PostScript (.ps .eps)
    • Tiff files (.tif)

    Let us know if you require a type not shown.

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