Professional Fax and Telephony Services

Email to Call

Generate a phone call from your email

Our systems call the number you provide us in the To: field of the email and deliver your message. Your email text is converted to speech and played when the person answers the phone. The message can also be an mp3 or wav file attached to the email or load them on our servers.

Email to call is perfect for emergency alerts and information alerts of any size. Your own number will even display as the caller ID! You will receive an email notification letting you know the status of each call.

Introducing our NEW site... Vocal Notify

We have a new site dedicated to our suite of Email to Call alert services at The new site allows us to provide better pricing packages, more products and improved functionality. The new site is still owned and operated by the same management as Please visit to get more information about Email to Call. If you have any questions please contact us.

If you are a current customer, contact us about transitioning to the new products!

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