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Route incoming faxes to an Email

Route Faxes to Different Emails!

Route faxes to different email addresses via the same number!

We OCR the first page of the incoming fax and search for YOUR matched value.
If the matched value is found - we send it to the email address you choose!
If no matched value is found - fax is sent to Default email address.

This feature works with's Fax to Email system and is $1 a month per number - unlimited users. (Standard Fax to Email rates apply)

How to start Routing Faxes

  • Sign Up for
  • Add Fax to Email to your account
  • Enable Route for your Fax to Email account
  • Manage your values to match and Email list via the web

After you Sign Up you will be able to add Fax to Email to your account.
Enable the Route features via the Fax2Email Maintenance screen
A seperate screen is then used to manage match values to look for as well as Email Addresses to route the fax to.

Standard Fax to Email rates apply and $1 for the Route feature - unlimited users.

Route Faxes to Different Emails
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